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Elsa Rise'n Shine

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Elsa ... Rise'n Shine 

Welcome to my website. 

      It’s all about me, a little red Lakeland Terrier living in Sweden. My official name is Lakies Rise'n Shine but I'm called Elsa. I was born April 17, 2003 in Umeå, Sweden at Kennel Lakies. When I was 8 weeks old, I came  to my new home in Halmstad in the south of Sweden. Checkout my pedigree and the photos of my family!  I'm happy to be a Champion  and a Mother!  My puppies were born  September 11, 2006. If you stop by regularly, you will find out more about me and my puppies. My website is in Swedish,  but there are some explanations in English to make it easier for you to follow my life. I hope you will enjoy it! Don't forget to email me or to sign my guestbook! I love to hear from  lakeland friends around the world!  



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